The ESKADRA Group of Companies: A Horizontally-Integrated Holding

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«Eskadra» began its operations as a property developer in 1998, setting the trends for real estate development in the Primorsky Krai region. Since then, the company has implemented full-cycle development projects, from idea conception to property operation and management.

The ESKADRA Group of Companies:
A Horizontally-Integrated Holding

«Eskadra» became a pioneer in the application of monolithic-frame technology in housing with the first multi-apartment residential building using this technology, located at 20A Tigrovaya Street. The technologies employed in design and construction opened up new possibilities, such as non-standard large glazed windows, open-plan layouts, and underground car parking facilities.
In the same year, construction began on the elite residential complex «Poberezhje», situated in the central part of Vladivostok. The complex comprises six buildings, built using monolithic-frame construction technology. The «Poberezhje» residential complex is adjacent to a well-maintained, secure territory.
Construction began on the largest business-class residential complex, «Admiral», located at 5V Naberezhnaya Street. The total area of the residential complex is 45,000 square meters. The complex also features a two-level underground parking facility with 180 parking spaces.
In 2007, the company «Stroy-Snab» was established, which is part of the group of companies «Eskadra», The main activity of the company is to provide services to federal metallurgical enterprises for the storage, processing, and sorting of metal products. «Stroy-Snab» clients include major Russian metallurgical enterprises: «Evraz», «Mechel», «Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant», «Amurstal», «A-group», and others. «Stroy-Snab» also works with the company PLK «Trest», which produces metal structures for the construction projects of the group of companies «Eskadra» and provides services to metallurgical enterprises for the storage, processing, and sorting of metal products.
«Admiral» makes history as the first residential complex with a «car-free courtyard» and numerous integrated spaces designed for various purposes, creating a comfortable environment for residents. The building houses children's centers, beauty salons, SPA facilities, and a grocery store.
Entering the low-rise construction market in the city of Vladivostok. Implementation of the suburban complex «Anutinskie Dachi» on 23 hectares (150 individual houses) in the Sadgorod district. It is also the largest complex built using monolithic technology.
Entering the tourist real estate market in Vladivostok. Construction of the first hotel in the «apart-hotel» format on Pogranichnaya Street, 4.
The construction of the first «smart-format» residential complex in Vladivostok begins – «Theatrical» residential complex, which, in addition to highly efficient layout solutions, features a panoramic elevator.
The monolithic-frame residential complex «Cascade» is implemented, located on Eagle Hill. The construction area is one of the highest points in the city of Vladivostok. From the top, a magnificent panorama of the city, the Golden Horn Bay, and the Amur Bay unfolds.
Eagle Hill has historically symbolized the city center and serves as a viewing platform through which sightseeing routes pass.
The implementation of a new market format for leisure in Vladivostok – the AQUATORIA water and wellness complex located at Svetlanskaya Street, 90. The project is conceived as Russia's first family SPA format facility, encompassing numerous pools, steam rooms, and saunas of various formats, bars, a restaurant, and an entire beauty industry segment. The completion of construction is scheduled for autumn 2021.
In 2022, the company «PROJECT BUREAU 20 22» was officially established as part of the «Eskadra» group of companies. For over three years, the company's main activity has been providing services in the preliminary design of multi-apartment buildings and public facilities. As part of the development of project solutions, Bureau employees have implemented: the AQUATORIA water and wellness complex, façade solutions for office buildings and residential houses in the city of Vladivostok.
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